All verifiable references, contact information provided at an employment meeting upon request

Martha came to care for my two children (age 2.5 and 1) on a part-time basis. Immediately upon meeting Martha, I was drawn to her genuine, warm demeanor. I am very interested in ensuring that my children are with a caregiver who is patient and kind and Martha demonstrated these attributes consistently. She is professional and thoughtful. Immediately I was comfortable with her caring for my children, which is not easy as I am a hands-on mom (and very particular). She was focused on the development of my children, all the while ensuring that they were having fun and being safe!
Unfortunately, we relocated and logistically Martha could not stay with our family. That said, she helped us as we transitioned to a new nanny. She did not leave us in a pinch!
I highly recommend Martha. Please reach out, as I would be happy to give further praise on her behalf!
Warm regards,
S, C.
Austin, TX

Martha has been our full-time nanny since 2010. She has seen our twin girls from infants to teething and all the way through potty training! Martha is a loving, intelligent and enthusiastic nanny and has passed those qualities on to the girls. We get many compliments on their learning and behavior and know that she has played a large part in that development. She taught my daughters Spanish and preschool level letters and numbers as toddlers. She also calmly and lovingly disciplined them and taught them how to behave.
Martha has had to adapt to many changes in working hours and living situations due to our non-traditional jobs and two moves. She helped us create a routine and sense of normalcy for the girls. She also has a great affinity with babies and especially multiples since she is a mother of twins herself. As first-time parents, we relied on her good advice many times.
Even though our family is not close by, and work necessitates us to be away during the day, our girls will always have great memories of a loving caretaker in their home every day because of Martha. They have always been excited to see her every day. As our family grows and our needs and hours change, it will be a hard transition away from her help. Our family is lucky to have found Martha, and I know she will bring the same care and attention to many more families.
K. H
Austin, TX

Martha has done an excellent job in her position as nanny to my daughter age 18 months. She has been an excellent employee and has been an asset to our home during her time here. Martha is a professional nanny with excellent skills and experience in child development. She has played an integral part in Isabella’s development. She has also taken care of my older daughter age 11 and she works well with older children.
Martha is a responsible and trustworthy person. Her ability to create, manage and maintain the day to day schedule for Isabella has been wonderful. It has allowed me to work and not worry. I have also taken long week tips and Martha has stayed with Isabella, which worked beautifully. Martha is a kind and patience person. Those two attributes coupled with her abilities as a nanny are a great combination for success with children.
I recommend Martha very highly. She is extremely easy to get along with and her priority is the welfare of the children in her care. She would be an asset to any family and I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.
S. R
Austin, TX


Martha has worked for our family full-time very shortly after our twin daughters were born. We are constantly amazed at how calmly as effectively she handles two infants at once. And she does so much more than just babysit-she is always reading them stories, explaining what kind of animal the toy is and what sound it makes, what they are going to do next (have a bottle, take a nap) etc. We believe it is important for our babies to have this mental stimulation when we are away at work, and so we are so grateful that Martha takes the initiative to keep the babies’ minds working by engaging them throughout the day. It is quite evident that Martha takes her profession as a nanny quite seriously. She brings tremendous energy and enthusiasm into our home.
Martha is excellent at following our very detailed instructions, and she was especially helpful early on in implementing the schedule we wanted our babies to be on in order to help us be able to manage them both when Martha was away. She takes pride in providing suggestions of her own ideas for the babies’ care, and at the same time she is extremely respectful of our preferences as the parents. In any case, we must admit that, as new parents, we’ve picked up a trick or two in terms of caring for our babies based on watching Martha work!
Overall, Martha is very responsible and trustworthy. It has been so nice to have the peace of mind knowing she is caring for our babies so that we could focus on work during the weekdays.
We would highly recommend Martha to any family. She would have remained with us; however, my wife recently resigned her position to become a full-time mom. Feel free to call us with any questions.
R and G Bovits
Woodland Hills California

I write this letter of recommendation for Martha with great joy. Martha has started working for me in 2002 and she still occasionally works for me when I need her help. The first time I met her I know that she was a warm and loving person and that she would be great with my kids. She came right in and was not afraid of getting to know them. She was amazing with my two girls and they absolutely adored her! They even cried when she would leave.
Martha is very quiet and has a laid-back nature about her. She never raises her voice or gets upset- you never have to worry about your children with her. She is always on time and reliable. She keeps the kids busy and is always doing fun things with them that they enjoy. There is something to be said about being able to trust someone besides family with your most loved possessions.
We feel very blessed to have found Martha and are so glad she came into our lives. She is an incredible person who I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an honest, trustworthy and extremely motivated individual.
J. Hurley,
Calabasas CA.


We have had the pleasure of employing Martha as our nanny for our three children and could not say enough good things about her! She is an honest, caring, dependable person and we relied on her tremendously. To this day, our children still look forward to seeing her when she visits!
If we can answer any questions regarding Martha’s character or employment, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thousand Oaks CA