My philosophy about discipline

A baby's learning begins in solitude, alone in the womb 

In my written words, I will attempt to describe my ratiocination on discipline based on the definitions of the word, history and my experience with babies and young children.

To instruct and to learn, as -methods or science of instruction and study- define -disciplinam-  a Latin word. When we break this word, the part -disciple- is -the pupil- and is also -the instruction- and the word -nam- is the invariable part of the word serving here to conjunct or to unify the two. This word, like others, has traveled the countries, and like others have too, the definition of the -discipline- word, has entirely transformed.

In our not-so-perfect world, the word -discipline- as we understand it today, means -to apply force- powerful methods involving some type of reprove and that is commonly accompanied by mild forms of reproach. It is so unfortunate that for centuries, discipline has been applied in people using stern together with punishment, suppression or restraint shockingly under-seeking the psychological effects and the internal conflicts inflicted. Sadly, in our present, it is (un)-humanly possible that discipline is applied even at the extremes of deploying all the existent forms just to impose dominium. 

In my nanny world, I love working with babies because they can use all their active fast-learner senses. It is amazing that newly-born babies can capture sophisticated concepts like cause and effect and common sense simply by exposing these to them. Unimaginably and only by observing, babies can discover the concepts problem-recognition and problem-solving extraordinary easier than many toddlers. 

Using my experience with babies, and, by adhering to the ancient Latin meaning of discipline, I positively believe that participant babies can be disciplined without them being aware of it and by saying this last I mean in a dreary way. Furtherly, I can say that is possible to change the negative behavior of humans through our babies simply by instituted them one-on-one; after all, they developed before birth, alone in the womb and they deserve all the attention!

Martha J. Escudero

Professional Nanny

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