Helpful steps for families hiring a nanny without using a domestic agency


The nanny hiring process can be lengthy. it might take up to three meetings with only one nanny. 

Here are the helpful steps: 

  •  Search for a nanny. You can use Google search 
  • Choose as many nannies as you like and request their resume 
  • Select the nannies that better fit your needs based on the resume 
  • Contact each nanny to schedule a phone call interview Download my New Nanny Contacts Form
  • Call the nanny to mutually answer Questions click  -and- like the nanny over the phone based on her answers
  • Classify and sort out nannies
  • Schedule a face-to-face interview at your home or, at a public place

Note: the interview might take 20-60 minutes. Twenty-minute interviews rate incompatibility but some might take over one hour

  • Like the nanny in person based on her answers, attitude and mostly your maternal instinct (gut)
  • Review the Nanny's Documentation click
  • Call the nanny's references
  • Run a Federal background check with the nanny's consent -make-the-math, here is a helpful websiteclick 
  • Once the Federal background comes clear you can have a nanny trial

 Note: a nanny trial is when you give the candidate the chance to prove herself. It can be 3 hours to 3 days paid at the nanny's hourly rate

Thank you for reaching out!