More about me

    Nurturing, engaging and loving nanny
    Skilled with the newborn and special needs babies like the premature and babies using an apnea monitor 
    Experience with infants from the newborn and young children including toddlers 

    A day with me...
    with babies
    Eco-sanitizing baby's environment.
    Milk measuring for bottles and taking the baby to mom for breastfeeding
    Properly storage, measuring and feeding of formula
    Bottle sterilizing and washing 
    Nap and activity schedule
    Age appropriate games and book reading
    Tummy-time practice and gymnastics
    Diapers changing and refills of wipes
    Introduction to textures and sounds
    Listening to music, dancing, and singing
    Communication practicing by making two and three letter syllables
    Listening to numbers
    Animal naming and their sounds making
    Soft talk, big smiles and tons of love
    For infants and Toddlers
    Assisting infants daily with grooming, dressing up and baths, meals, and naps etc. 
    Age-appropriate cognitive reasoning and concepts
    Encouraging speech, eye/hand coordination and motor skills using all limbs
    Reading books, puzzles, table and floor games and the use of cards
    Encouraging creativity by doing crafts like birthday-card making, designing t-shirts and painting rocks, free drawing/painting
    Constructing and building, and other fun projects
    Exploring the outdoors, going for walks around the neighborhood and field trips
    Playing games like soccer or basketball
    Problem recognition and solving
    I keep the children busy with fun activities at all times
    Providing a safe and nurturing environment 
    I assisting with school backpack and snacks and homework
    I riving the children to their extracurricular activities
    Dropping and picking-up to and from school, doctor, and other appointments
    Keeping the children's room and play area tidy and neat
    Sanitizing of toys and children furniture
    Cleaning after meals and snacks
    Doing the children’s laundry
    When the family goes for trips I clean and clear the kid's closets as they are needed
    I work closely with the parents' form of guidance and discipline.
    Keeping a daily log for parents. click