Professional Nanny

Martha J. Professional Nanny experienced with Twins

Newborn Specialist and Post-Partum Trained

Educated in Child Psychology and Early Child Development

CPR-First Aid and Water Safety Certified

Safety awareness active member and training with CERT 



As a Newborn and post-Partum-Care Specialist,

I assist moms-to-be to be prepared for her staying in the hospital

I assist moms-to-be to be prepared before giving birth at home

I assist moms-to-be with having a new nursery ready for her new baby

I assist new moms at home after giving birth so that she can have plenty of rest and eat nutritional meals

I help new moms in their transitions from pregnancy to giving birth, to becoming a new mom

I assist new moms with their babies while she rests, taking the baby to her when her baby needs to be nursed 

As a professional nanny, I help new parents raise stress-free and positive children

I work with children throughout each developmental phase, at any growing phase

I encourage the children in my care to succeed in their little endeavors safely and with confidence

I praise their accomplishments and I share my satisfaction with happiness.

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How I became a Nanny...

The opportunity of my life was waiting for me in Woodland Hills California. 

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"Do you happen to know a mother of twins willing to work?"

I was born fruitful and multiplied fast! By the age of nineteen, I had already mothered five children. I gave birth to one boy, two girls, and once more two girls. Yes, I gave birth to two pairs of twins consecutively. I was a young full-time mom and I can say that my children and I grew up together. My children and I were together each day from waking up in the morning to bedtime. We played all day, we went to sleep at the same time, we invented games and made fun projects together. I enjoyed nothing more from earth but feeling closer to God for being the mother of such extraordinarily loving and smart children.

In 1999, both my younger twin daughters married and my older boy ventured out to go explore life on his own. By the year 2000 I found myself without children at home. I went to California to visit my sister, trying to figure out what to do with my life. I was still very young.

The opportunity that started my nanny profession happened in Woodland Hills California when my sister, that happened to know the owner of a domestic agency, mentioned that her friend was talking about one great client of her who had just given birth to a set of twins, kept refusing nannies that had not given birth to twins. "Do you happen to know a mother of twins willing to work?", "In fact, I do" my sister replied before asking me if I was interested in the nanny position. 

The same day I met Maria Dora, she personally drove me to meet who will forever be my first family employer Caroline and her two newly born sweet twin babies, Ella and Eva. This is how I became a nanny for hire.

To Maria Dora, from Chile... wherever you are, I am here thanks to God first and then to you, I am a nanny still today. God Bless. 
Martha J.